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portfolio distribution

portfolio distribution by sectors

portfolio distribution by country

impact indicators

financial inclusion

all 1st investments are ≤USD 500k
average 1st investment is USD 250k
iungo is the 1st external financier for 44% of portfolio
26% of portfolio had only small bank overdrafts previously

gender inclusion & equality

89% of portfolio is 2X aligned
24% of portfolio has ≥50% women as shareholders and/or board members
74% of portfolio has ≥33% women in senior management
overall women staffing is 36%


21% of portfolio has ≥50% youth as shareholders
66% of portfolio has ≥33% youth in senior management
overall youth staffing is 71%


2375 jobs created and sustained

business angels

100% of 1st round investments have a co-investing business angel

climate mitigation

reduction of tns CO2: to be updated